• Terra's Terminology


    /nawn CHEEZ moh/ n. A man who uses his attire to overcompensate for his lack of masculinity; almost always wearing an untucked single-color oxford shirt, poorly-fit denim slacks, and elongated-square-toed shoes (usually black). “We were barely inside the nightclub, when the nonchismo at the bar spotted us and began to make his way over, with his leering, toothy grin.”

  • Prose & Poetry

    Irma Came to Town

    Pop POP! The cat scattered, but the fan remained on POP And then wound down to not One more POP For good measure   After an excruciating week of playing Will She/Won’t She, Hurricane Irma reached out her powerful arm, flicked out the lights, and announced her arrival. Only minutes before, she’d gussied up into her 4-Star dress and let us know she was ready to party.   But I was asleep. It was 4 AM.   After the cat calmed down, and the roomies checked on me, I dug deeper into my borrowed king-sized bed fit for a queen and listened to the rain dripping and hard-driving against the…

  • Prose & Poetry

    Daydreaming in Class

    He’s sitting next to me, running his hands through his hair, and Jesus Christ, I want those hands to be my hands. I want to know what his hair feels like. I want to bury my face in the top of his head, and feel the warmth and the weight of his body against mine.